10 best ChatGPT and GPT-4 prompts for product managers

Welcome to the world of AI-powered productivity! Today, we're sharing 10 top prompts for product managers using ChatGPT and GPT-4.

These practical AI tools can help you work more efficiently, find new ideas, and solve common problems. Read on to discover how these prompts can make a real difference in your day-to-day work as a product manager.

ChatGPT prompts to

1. ChatGPT prompt to analyze user feedback and suggest product features

Analyze user feedback for our [product name] and propose three feature improvements based on common customer pain points.

2. ChatGPT prompt to analyze the competition

Identify competitor advantages: "Examine the top three competitors in our market space and identify two unique features or strategies that set them apart."

3. ChatGPT prompt to write a press release before the PRD, Amazon style

At Amazon, product managers famously write a press release before they even write a PRD.

Draft a press release for a new product: "Create a press release for our upcoming [product name], highlighting its key features, benefits, and target audience."

4. ChatGPT prompt to write the user documentation

Read the PRD and write tutorials, guides and user documentation for this product's end users.

5. ChatGPT prompt to evaluate market opportunities

Evaluate market opportunities: "Identify three emerging market trends or opportunities that our [product name] could capitalize on to enhance its value proposition

6. ChatGPT prompt for creating a product feedback survey

Design a survey for user feedback: "Create a short survey to gather user feedback on our [product name], focusing on usability, satisfaction, and potential improvements."

7. ChatGPT prompt to help with pricing

Generate pricing strategy options: "Propose three different pricing strategies for our [product name], considering various factors such as competition, target audience, and perceived value."

8. ChatGPT prompt to increase user engagement

Analyze user engagement metrics: "Review user engagement data for our [product name] and recommend three strategies for increasing active usage and long-term retention."

9. ChatGPT prompt to explore potential partnership opportunities

Explore partnership opportunities: "Identify three potential strategic partners for our [product name] and explain the benefits and synergies that each partnership could bring."

10. ChatGPT prompt to plan a beta testing program

Plan a beta test program: "Outline a plan for a beta testing program for our [product name], including participant recruitment, testing duration, and key metrics to track."

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