10 Best Bug Tracking Tools in 2023

Researching new tools is a tedious task, so we explored the best bug tracking tools that you can use in 2023. We looked into what makes them so good -- their features, their user's ratings and how to best leverage them.

While in an ideal world every code would run smoothly, we're not in such as world. It's unsustainable to expect any big enough software development project to have no bugs, even if you have only senior developers working on it.

Of course, that doesn't mean ignoring them, but prioritizing and fixing them. Any bug your product has poses the risk of decreasing your customers' satisfaction, making the whole system more unstable or even losing revenue.

Our suggestion is to keep a tight loop around any potential bugs in your product and what better way than using a bug tracking tool for it.

If you're ready, let's jump into it!

10 Best Bug Tracking and Defect Tracking Tools in 2023

We've done our research and we can present your our top 10 best defect tracking and defect management tools that you need to use in 2023.

1. Jam


Report bugs in seconds with Jam without disrupting your workflow and send your reports directly to your team's bug tracking platform.

Jam is a bug reporting tool designed for companies delivering great software products. Regardless if you're in quality assurance team, product management or engineering team, you can use it to send and receive complete bug reports.

It's really easy to install it, just download the Chrome extension, connect your account and simply start reporting bugs in a matter of seconds.

Jam auto-captures your browser's console logs and network requests, it takes screenshots and records videos of your current tab or the entire desktop and with the Instant Replay function, it auto-saves the last 30 seconds of browser usage in the form of a video.

You can integrate Jam seamlessly with widely used software and project management tools such as ClickUp, Jira, Asana, Github and even Slack.

Now you can skip the endless emails, asking for HAR files and trying to catch manually catch those hard to reproduce bugs!

Create complete defect reports in seconds

Jam can be both a bug tracking system, owed to its easy-to-browser dashboard or as a bug reporting tool which you can connect straight to your software development software.

The great thing? Even if you're a non-technical team member, you get a seat at the engineering table due to how easy it is now to create complete reports with this defect tracking tools. Here's how

This means that even for less technically-savvy people, it’s easy to report a bug:

  1. Encounter a bug while browsing a page
  2. Capture the screen or record the screen yourself or let Instant Replay create a report
  3. Press the 'Create button' and have the report ready in seconds

Here's how a Jam looks like (your engineers will love it!):

A reporter finding a bug and reporting it via Marker.io’s feedback button.

Once you create a Jam, you can find it added in two places:

  • In Jam's dashboard which acts like your personal bug tracker and can also be shared with your teammates
  • Attached to tasks and projects in your software management tool, where the engineering team can view and act on them

One other great privacy feature is that you can set a Jam to be public, available to your whole company or only available to people on certain projects.

Bug reporting that makes engineers nod in approval

The old way of doing bug reporting had one flaw– took too much time to gather all the needed info and also to ask for them when they were missing. But not anymore!

Every Jam auto-captures the following:

  • Console logs
  • Network Requests
  • Browser and device specs
  • The page's URL

Of course, with Jam you choose what type of visual aid you want for your bug report :

  • Instant replay (which saves the last 30 seconds of the browser usage as a video)
  • Video capture of your tab/desktop
  • Screenshots

Having all the above automatically saved makes debugging a breeze, even for bugs that were otherwise hard to repro.

Catch unreproducible bugs with Instant Replay

When you're working on a fix as an engineer, most often you'll find yourself attempting to reproduce it to better understand the situation.

While Jam provides you with easy-to-capture logs that even non-technical team members can send, unless they were already recording the screen when the bug happened, you might not grasp the situation. That's where Instant Replay steps in!

With Instant Replays, you get to see what happened in the user's browser for the last up to 120 seconds. Of course, this maximum time interval depends on when the browser window was first started or restarted.

Here's how Instant Replay works:

Jam's Instant replays

In the Jam recording above, you can easily see the user finding a bug real-time, opening the Jam extension and simply clicking on Instant Replay.

This opens up the Jam window, where you can see your errors on a timeline and also the expected developer logs and network requests.

2. ClickUp

via ClickUp.com

Looking to logs your bug tracking efforts straight into your ClickUp account? Jam integrates seamlessly with ClickUp.


Looking to send defect tracking reports into your JIRA account? Jam integrates seamlessly with JIRA.

4. Trello

via Trello

5. Asana

6. Notion

7. Slack

8. Mantis Bug Tracker


10. Bugzilla

Bug tracking tool with epics and milestones.

Shortcut is great for larger teams because you can easily manage multiple software development projects at a time.

It also gives you features such as a quick overview of projects, filtering issues according to teams, and integrations with GitHub.

Shortcut has specific bug reporting software. With that, you can highlight specific projects, send reminders to developers, or look deeper into certain issues.

But it doesn’t have a feature to directly input feedback from websites to Shortcut.

Want to collect website issues directly into Shortcut?


The benefits of bug tracking tools

Is Jam the best bug tracking tool? We'll let you tell us!

Dealing with bugs is 💩, but not with Jam.

Capture bugs fast, in a format that thousands of developers love.
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