Building Jam | Ep. 3 Community Is Just Making Internet Friends

We’re trying something new: hitting record on an unfiltered conversation about building our startup each week. No fluff, just real decisions, moments and challenges.

On this episode:

Getting builders together has become a core part of what we do at Jam- with events for our community now happening 3-4 times a month. The truth is it hasn’t always been clear we should do this, especially as a remote team with users all over the world (150+ countries 🤯). This week, we share the story behind our approach to events and building community as a startup.

  • 1:14 Why did we start hosting events at Jam?
  • 4:45 Our first in-person user meetup
  • 7:42 The nerves behind hosting our first event
  • 10:07 How to predict your event’s attendance rate
  • 12:55 Our biggest challenge with hosting events today
  • 15:10 The story behind our first AI demo night
  • 16:45 How we find demos for Jam events
  • 18:24 How to host your first event
  • 22:00 Doing community marketing without a community forum
  • 23:00 Why building Slack/Discord communities is difficult for saas products
  • 24:45 Hot take- Don’t oversell your product to your community
  • 27:55 What is the Jam community right now?
  • 29:10 Spicy topic- Measuring event ROI
  • 35:46 Our challenges this week

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