Dani Grant

Dani Grant

CEO and co-founder @ Jam

Jam raises $8.9M Series A led by GGV Capital U.S.

Jam has raised $8.9M Series A, led by GGV Capital U.S., with participation from Figma Ventures and some of the world’s most prominent leaders in software development, including the founders of Vercel and Mixpanel.  We’re excited to announce that Jam has raised $8.9M Series A,
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Building Jam

10 lessons I learned about growing a startup in 2023

Getting users to adopt a new product is hard. For us, it took 7 failed launches, and then the 8th version of our product - Jam, a browser extension for creating bug reports with automatic dev logs, worked! In 2023, Jam grew 10x and crossed 1M Jams created. I learned
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I almost started the wrong company

And with luck, I didn’t. Here are the 5 questions to ask yourself before you start your company. Before I started a company, all I knew was that I wanted to start a company. And, who I wanted to start it with (meet my awesome co-founder, Irtefa). So, my
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50,000 people who Jam 💜

Over the weekend, we crossed 50,000 people using Jam! 🤯 Every Jam user is someone like you, working hard to move the world forward through software. The less time you spend fixing, the faster you ship, and the sooner your customers benefit from your work. We’re so honored to
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Introducing: GraphQL Debug Tools

GraphQL - extremely popular but notoriously time consuming to debug: 1. While traditional APIs use HTTP status codes to help you filter which requests returned an error, every GraphQL request returns the same 200 “OK”, so developers have to look through every single request to find if one has errors.
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Launching today: Copy as cURL!

Now engineers can replay network requests from Jam on their local machine – in 1 click! Making it… * Faster for engineers to debug ⚡️ * And faster to confirm when they’ve fixed a bug, too 💪 This is one way Jam gives engineers a more actionable bug report – you can’t export a

NEW! Jam.Metadata – help devs debug faster with user ID + more in every ticket!

What details do engineers always ask you to include in bug reports? User ID? Team ID? Now, Jam can automatically include those details. Engineers never have to look them up manually again! Engineers just add one line of code: Then every bug report auto-includes all the info they need, even
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Launching now! Jam Tracing – share full stack bug logs in a click

Today we’re launching Jam Tracing – the first ever browser extension for capturing screen recording + full back end trace in 2 clicks! If you have 30 seconds, we would love your help with an upvote 👇 Give a ❤️ on Product Hunt! One unified view of a bug, from browser to backend
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Launching today: Debug Timeline – you never have to write repro steps again!

Today we’re launching Debug Timeline: an automatic list of everything that happened leading up to a bug. Now, engineers will always get detailed repro steps, but you don’t have to write them! We did 20 rounds of feedback & iteration to make sure the details are just right
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Launching today: WebSocket Inspector!

We just launched a brand new WebSocket inspector in Jam. We built it to rival Chrome dev tools - but added our own twists too: You can watch WebSocket connections playback in real time alongside the screen recording of a bug: Fully inspect and filter every WebSocket message, with full
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Launched today: debug CORS issues 2x faster!

Debugging CORS issues can be… grrr. That’s why we just shipped a new feature to help engineers debug CORS issues faster in Jam dev tools. Here is how it works: 1. Log a bug with Jam and share the link with an engineer. 🔗 2. Jam identifies CORS errors in
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👀 how Jam’s engineers took over the network debugger

The network debugger is the heart of Jam’s dev tools. And today we’re jumping out of our seats excited to launch a completely revamped network debugger for the thousands of you who debug in Jam every day! It’s designed to be sleeker, faster, and the network timeline
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One easy link to help your team report bugs better to engineers 🎉

After so many of you asked (thank you for the feedback! 🙏)...  …We just shipped an easy link you can paste into Slack (or anywhere) to get your whole team on Jam ⚡ Because engineers need consistent + detailed bug reports to move fast and squash bugs, and the simplest way to do
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Dev tool sprint season is here, see what we’re shipping 🚀

The number one reason we hear how people found out about Jam is that an engineer they work with shared Jam with them. That is really meaningful to us, because we started Jam to bridge the divide between engineers and their broader teams, to help companies work better together to
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💥 New improvements launched to Jam for Slack!

It just got a lot more productive to share Jams with your teammates on Slack.  Anytime you capture a bug and drop a Jam link into a Slack channel… Your teammates will now see a detailed expanded preview (Voila!)  🎉 And - you can now watch both videos and instant replays
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Launching today: Jam for Incognito – be 20x faster at reporting bugs in incognito!

We just launched Jam for Incognito – a 20x faster way to report bugs in incognito that includes all the diagnostics engineers need to troubleshoot and fix bugs. Now, when you log bugs in incognito, you’ll be able to: * 🐛 Capture an instant replay of a bug (no repro necessary!) * 📹 Record
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Introducing JamGPT – your AI debugging assistant

Today, we're excited to announce JamGPT, a new AI debugging assistant that helps you fix bugs faster. 0:00/1× While most things in product development have changed 100x since the 1990’s, how we report bugs has not. So we started a company to change that, and
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Introducing Jam Embeds: help your team debug faster ⚡️

Meet Jam Embeds – perfectly embed Jams into Notion and Slack! Here’s how it works: Drop a Jam into your Notion bug tracking board: Or send a Jam to Slack: And you get a perfect embed complete with all the debugging info devs need, like console & network errors. Faster
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7 tips I wish I had known about finding product-market fit

Finding product-market fit can be one of the most challenging and confusing parts of being an early-stage founder. While some rare startups hit product-market fit right out of the gate, it often takes companies multiple years. I’ve asked multiple entrepreneurs this week how long it took to find product/
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Bug reporting hasn't changed since the 1990's

As we are nearing a major milestone of 15,000 users, I wanted to thank you all and share a little more about our journey. It's 2023, and most teams still collaborate on bug fixes the way they did in the 90's. Have you ever experienced
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The bug reporting process: an outdated remnant of the 1990s

It's astonishing how little the world of bug reporting has changed since the 1990’s. Despite all the technological advancements we've made in the rest of software development, the way we handle bugs has stayed the same. Does this scenario sound familiar to you? An engineer
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4 trends shaping software quality this year

2023 – what a year for those who build software! First, a financing bubble made it so every software team needed to ship better software faster than ever. Then, a massive downturn made those same teams need to do more with fewer resources. At Jam, we see an inside view on
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4 software quality trends to watch in 2023

The tech industry is navigating unprecedented times: a record VC funding bubble caused a hyper-competitive market, followed by a dramatic downturn with mass layoffs. The result is that companies are under pressure to deliver high-quality software faster than ever before, all with fewer resources and people. At the same time,
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Introducing Jam for Teams: help everyone report bugs better!

We’re so excited to announce Jam for Teams – now in beta! With Jam for Teams, you get a shared workspace to bug bash, collaborate and troubleshoot, plus extra security features and access controls. With everyone on your team jamming, you can ensure engineers always have the details they need
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Product Management

9 best productivity tools for product managers

Productivity is crucial for product managers, who are responsible for wearing many hats (a.k.a are very busy!). We surveyed product managers at some of the top companies in the industry, including Google, Microsoft, and Vercel, to find out their favorite tools for staying organized and on track. Here
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