Launching today! A chrome extension to give feedback right on your site 👇

Launching Jam on Chrome Today 🚀

Today we’re launching Jam on Chrome via ProductHunt. It’s a browser extension that makes the whole web collaborative and editable.

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Everything You Need To Know About Today’s Launch

Today we’re launching Jam on Chrome, a totally new way for teams to collaborate. Think sticky notes for the web: you can leave feedback directly on any web page.

Here's how it works:

  1. Leave design feedback directly on your website. ✍️
  2. Draw to annotate your feedback. 🟣
  3. Automatically capture screenshots, logs, and browser info for devs. 🤳
  4. Send your comments to Slack, Jira, Linear or Github. ✉️
  5. Or use our quick & easy to-do list, and say goodbye to tracking QA in a spreadsheet forever (hooray!). ✅

Jam is invite-only, but to celebrate this launch, we’re making it available for the rest of the day.

Go give it a spin!

Dealing with bugs is 💩, but not with Jam.

Capture bugs fast, in a format that thousands of developers love.
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