Q&A with Nitzan Goldenberg from SeatGeek on must-have tools as a QA leader

Each week we talk to people within our network to learn about how they work, their processes, tools they use, and things that inspire them. It's an opportunity to get a sneak peek into how other builders and makers do their jobs. So you might get inspired and learn something new, or, at the very least, get a song recommendation.

This week we talked to Nitzan Goldenberg, Senior QA Engineer at SeatGeek.

ps - Nitzan's favorite song is Poison by Alice Cooper, so feel free to listen while you read to put you in the mindset 🙃.

What do you do?

I have been working at SeatGeek for the last 5 years as a senior QA engineer and scrum master. I am responsible for the entire methodology and way of working of the QA department and the implementation of testing tools in the organization.

In addition, I am a board member of ITCB, the official organization in Israel of ISTQB, I am the Chief leader of the TestIL meetup group, the editor-in-chief of the "Testing World" magazine and the chairman of the Israeli testing competition ISTC.

What is one tool you can't imagine your life without?

The tool I can't see myself without until now was Jira but since I discovered Jam it has become one of my go-to tools.

What other tools do you use?

I use a variety of tools such as MS SQL' Xray, GitLab, Jenkins, WebStorm, Slack, Android Studio and several other tools.

Which tool have you discovered recently?

I recently discovered the Kaholo tool, the tool is an upper layer above the software for writing the code (IDEA), the purpose of the tool is to give the user the possibility to build a scenario for automation tests in an easier way by using several frameworks

One thing that you learned recently about how to be more productive and happy at work?

I recently learned that in order to advance at work you need to advance professionally and technologically, it is also very important to have the ability to learn new things on your own and to know how to research and search for information in all possible sources - and there are plenty of excellent free sources on the net for professional knowledge.

A favorite feature of your desk setup?

My elevated desk is my favorite thing. I have back problems and it's hard for me to sit for a long time. I try to approach my developers and team members instead of asking them to come over, but it's still hard for me.

The desk allows me to stand every now and then and work. I have a lot of meetings that overlap with each other, so instead of sitting for 10 minutes between meetings, I raise my desk and plug in the computer between meetings.

Nitzan is a huge wresting fan and listens to the broadcast while he works

Where can people follow your work?

You can see my activities in my LinkedIn or you can join the TesIL forum in Facebook.

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