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How BuildShip increased engineering support speed 2X with Jam

If you could make it happen without engineering power - what would your dream tech stack look like? Everyone is innovating and experimenting to bring their ideas to life with AI. As markets get tougher with increased competition - the teams who ship fast have the advantage. What determines speed
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Building Jam

Announcing: Jam has achieved SOC 2 Type II compliance

If you’ve been a Jam customer, you know privacy and security are part of our ethos — with guardrails baked into every facet of product development at Jam. Today, we’ve officially achieved enterprise-grade privacy and security standards for every software team who wants to Jam! In just under 18
7 min read
Customer Stories

How Jam helps Cofactr save 1 hour of engineering time per bug

Imagine you’re building a satellite. You need to know, without a doubt, that all the circuit boards will be completed on schedule because you’ve booked a launch date - and there’s no wiggle room when it comes to rockets. These are the high stakes Cofactr customers trust
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50,000 people who Jam 💜

Over the weekend, we crossed 50,000 people using Jam! 🤯 Every Jam user is someone like you, working hard to move the world forward through software. The less time you spend fixing, the faster you ship, and the sooner your customers benefit from your work. We’re so honored to
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Introducing: GraphQL Debug Tools

GraphQL - extremely popular but notoriously time consuming to debug: 1. While traditional APIs use HTTP status codes to help you filter which requests returned an error, every GraphQL request returns the same 200 “OK”, so developers have to look through every single request to find if one has errors.
2 min read

Launching today: Copy as cURL!

Now engineers can replay network requests from Jam on their local machine – in 1 click! Making it… * Faster for engineers to debug ⚡️ * And faster to confirm when they’ve fixed a bug, too 💪 This is one way Jam gives engineers a more actionable bug report – you can’t export a
Customer Stories

How Pictory moves fast and keeps up with the ever-evolving Artificial Intelligence space

Pictory is one of the fastest-growing startups in the artificial intelligence space. They use  AI to convert long-form content into hundreds of short-form multimedia content pieces. By using Pictory’s video creation engine, marketers can generate more leads and boost sales fast. The Problem Bug reporting was chaotic and slowed
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NEW! Jam.Metadata – help devs debug faster with user ID + more in every ticket!

What details do engineers always ask you to include in bug reports? User ID? Team ID? Now, Jam can automatically include those details. Engineers never have to look them up manually again! Engineers just add one line of code: Then every bug report auto-includes all the info they need, even
1 min read

Launching now! Jam Tracing – share full stack bug logs in a click

Today we’re launching Jam Tracing – the first ever browser extension for capturing screen recording + full back end trace in 2 clicks! If you have 30 seconds, we would love your help with an upvote 👇 Give a ❤️ on Product Hunt! One unified view of a bug, from browser to backend
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Launching today: Debug Timeline – you never have to write repro steps again!

Today we’re launching Debug Timeline: an automatic list of everything that happened leading up to a bug. Now, engineers will always get detailed repro steps, but you don’t have to write them! We did 20 rounds of feedback & iteration to make sure the details are just right – with
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Launching today: WebSocket Inspector!

We just launched a brand new WebSocket inspector in Jam. We built it to rival Chrome dev tools - but added our own twists too: You can watch WebSocket connections playback in real time alongside the screen recording of a bug: Fully inspect and filter every WebSocket message, with full
1 min read

Launched today: debug CORS issues 2x faster!

Debugging CORS issues can be… grrr. That’s why we just shipped a new feature to help engineers debug CORS issues faster in Jam dev tools. Here is how it works: 1. Log a bug with Jam and share the link with an engineer. 🔗 2. Jam identifies CORS errors in
1 min read
Customer Stories

How Swimply is prioritizing quality with Jam to reproduce bugs in one click

The Problem Reproducing bugs was taking nearly one hour per ticket Swimply is an online marketplace that allows homeowners to share their passion spaces with their local communities. They have started with swimming pools, but pools are just the beginning, as they are expanding into new shared experiences like tennis
5 min read

👀 how Jam’s engineers took over the network debugger

The network debugger is the heart of Jam’s dev tools. And today we’re jumping out of our seats excited to launch a completely revamped network debugger for the thousands of you who debug in Jam every day! It’s designed to be sleeker, faster, and the network timeline
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One easy link to help your team report bugs better to engineers 🎉

After so many of you asked (thank you for the feedback! 🙏)...  …We just shipped an easy link you can paste into Slack (or anywhere) to get your whole team on Jam ⚡ Because engineers need consistent + detailed bug reports to move fast and squash bugs, and the simplest way to do
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Dev tool sprint season is here, see what we’re shipping 🚀

The number one reason we hear how people found out about Jam is that an engineer they work with shared Jam with them. That is really meaningful to us, because we started Jam to bridge the divide between engineers and their broader teams, to help companies work better together to
1 min read

10 best ChatGPT and GPT-4 prompts for Seed stage founders

Are you a seed stage founder looking for inspiration to grow your startup? Look no further than ChatGPT and GPT-4 prompts! These powerful language models can generate a wide range of prompts to spark your creativity and help you think outside the box. In this blog post, we've compiled the
2 min read
Product Management

10 best ChatGPT and GPT-4 prompts for product managers

Welcome to the world of AI-powered productivity! Today, we're sharing 10 top prompts for product managers using ChatGPT and GPT-4. These practical AI tools can help you work more efficiently, find new ideas, and solve common problems. Read on to discover how these prompts can make a real difference in
1 min read

10 best ChatGPT and GPT-4 prompts for QA testers

Quality assurance (QA) testers play a critical role in ensuring that software products are functional, reliable, and user-friendly. With the emergence of advanced AI language models like ChatGPT and GPT-4, QA testing has become even more efficient and effective. In this blog post, we'll explore 10 of the best ChatGPT
1 min read

X ChatGPT prompts for great Product Roadmaps to amaze your team

* A product roadmap is a visual tool that helps to communicate the vision and progress of what's coming next for a product. It is an essential asset for aligning teams and stakeholders around product strategy and priorities, including executives, engineering, marketing, customer success, and sales. * Product managers are typically responsible
2 min read

Unleash the Power of Bug Reporting with Jam in 2023

In our modern era of digital disruption, quality assurance (QA) plays such a pivotal role in making sure the development of bug-free products. In this tough journey, innovative bug reporting tools, like Jam, are making their statement by offering an efficient and seamless way of managing bugs. The platform, as
2 min read

10 Best Bug Tracking Tools in 2023

Researching new tools is a tedious task, so we explored the best bug tracking tools that you can use in 2023. We looked into what makes them so good -- their features, their user's ratings and how to best leverage them. While in an ideal world every code would run
5 min read

💥 New improvements launched to Jam for Slack!

It just got a lot more productive to share Jams with your teammates on Slack.  Anytime you capture a bug and drop a Jam link into a Slack channel… Your teammates will now see a detailed expanded preview (Voila!)  🎉 And - you can now watch both videos and instant replays
1 min read

How to save console logs to file in Chrome

Looking to save console logs to share with your developers? The easy way is to use the Jam extension. In one click you get a link you can share that includes all the console logs & network requests your engineers need. If you want to do it the old & manual way,
1 min read

Testing Tools: The Modern QA Tools Stack

Being a 10x QA tester is easier when you've got the right tools in place that do the hard work for you. And that's important because QA carry a lot of responsibility on any product team to ensure customers are delivered an awesome experience. With so many tools out there,
5 min read