Launching today! Give devs what they need to fix those pesky final to-dos.

Today, we’re so excited to launch Bug Jam - debug logs and screenshot in one click! ⚡️ Now you can be sure devs have all the information they need to action your feedback.

How it works:

  1. Click on your site and leave comments for devs, right from the page. 🕺
  2. Your comments are compiled into one easy launch checklist for the devs. ✅
  3. Each comment automatically includes a screenshot and new debug logs. 👩‍💻

It’s quick & easy for you to comment, and quick & clear for the dev to action. With Bug Jam, you’ll help developers zip through those final quick fixes to make your product even more awesome for your users – no back-and-forths necessary.

We can’t wait for you to try it. Jam is invite only, but just for today we’ve put up an open link - be sure to check it out today before the link expires tomorrow:

Dealing with bugs is 💩, but not with Jam.

Capture bugs fast, in a format that thousands of developers love.
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