Welcome to Jam

Jam is a browser extension that allows you to create the perfect bug report in just one click. You will now be able to capture an instant replay of the bug happening on your web app and include all the developer logs required to cut your bug reporting time by 20x.

You're joining 125K+ people who are logging bugs faster. Jam is the first screen recorder purpose-built for bug reporting and is integrated with all your issue-tracking tools (Jira, Linear, Asana, more) so there is no disruption to your software development workflows and tools.

Our promise to you? We want to help you fix and ship code so much faster, that way you can all get back to what you love doing, building.

What is Jam?

With Jam, in one click, you can: take a screenshot, record a video, or capture an instant replay, and Jam will instantly generate a link to share with your team.

The Jam link will also include all the technical diagnostic info your engineering team needs to quickly debug, such as network requests, console logs, device information, and even network speed! It's all captured so you no longer have to reproduce or find the technical diagnostics before reporting the bug.

Once you have your Jam link, simply paste it into a ticket or chat message to share it with engineers, or connect Jam to your issue-tracking tool of choice to create tickets right from Jam. No account is required to view, so engineers can click the link, and at a glance see the bug and why it happened.

We 💜 our users – hear directly from them

You can read how fast-growing legal tech company Laurel.ai uses Jam to accelerate their product development, and listen to these interviews with long-time Jam users:

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