Mission and values

Why and how we're building Jam

Our mission

"Facebook was move fast and break things, I think a Jam world is move fast and fix things" – Jam user

Most things in software engineering have changed 100x since the 1990s, but the way we report bugs has not.

It's still the same outdated process we used in 1990 – manually creating tickets that ultimately don't include enough context for engineers to action. This leads to wasted time, effort, and energy, and a worse user experience for customers.

It's not the 1990s anymore, and it's time for bug reporting to act like it. That's where Jam comes in.

We understand the importance of moving fast and developing great software. In today's world, progress moves at the speed of software development. Everything from education, healthcare, and finance to AI runs on software. So Jam exists to help you deliver software faster and get the future into your users' hands sooner.

Our dream is to help one million teams ship better software faster. Thank you for joining us on that mission.

Our values

Build in partnership with our customers

Jam is a true collaboration with our customers. We exist to serve you. And we're honored when you reach out to us and share your feedback.

Here's how we are building Jam in concert with you, the Jam community:

  • Every new user gets welcomed by a Jam founder. We read and respond to every reply.

  • Every new power user hears from a Jam founder asking for feedback. Again, we truly read and respond to every reply.

  • All user feedback is shared in a dedicated Slack channel for internal team discussion and action.

  • We try to spend as much time as we can talking to users: over calls and in person.

  • We all listen to clips from recent user interviews together as a company and discuss.

Why? Getting to know you, the people who use Jam every day gives our work a whole new meaning. So thank you to everyone in the Jam community who has taken the time to meet with us and talk to us about the product. We're blown away by the support and enthusiasm from all of you. Thank you.

You can always reach out to the founding team at hello@jam.dev.

Simplicity first, simplicity always

We're here to simplify bug reporting and take away manual steps.

We hear you – simplicity matters, and it's a first principle in everything we do.

We promise to do our best to simplify always. The simpler we can make it for you to communicate between engineers & the rest of your company, the faster you can ship. Simple is our goal. That’s how we want to enable you to move fast and do your best work.

Ship fast, then learn & iterate in public

We're learning as we're building a company, and a product – like you all are.

So we're going to prioritize shipping, and iterating live with all of you.

That means we ask for your feedback. That means we make an effort to share our learnings building Jam with you. That way, we all become better builders together.

We're here to do our best work

We take your time and trust seriously. We aim to build a product that meaningfully, positively enables you to move faster and ship more. That means we need to put in significant time, dedication, and a lot of hard work. There's a long journey ahead at Jam. But that's what we're here to do. We're here to deliver for you. We're on it. We're here to build. And to do whatever hard work is required in order to continuously deliver a fast and amazing experience for you.


We are on a mission to speed up software development. That's why we're building the fastest and clearest way to capture a bug.

Jam helps software teams at some of the largest and fastest growing companies such as T-Mobile, SeatGeek, Staples, Rippling, and Ramp ship higher quality software faster to better serve their collectively millions of customers.

Jam was founded in 2020 and is backed by early investors, founders, and executives from developer-focused companies such as Apple, GitHub, Slack, Cloudflare, and PagerDuty. Institutional investors include Union Square Ventures, BoxGroup, Version One Ventures, and Village Global (backed by Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, etc).

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