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Welcome to Jam! You're about to join 100K+ happy users who report bugs 20x faster – with all the details auto-included for engineers.

“I had never worked with engineers before. It’s hard for me to imagine having as much a seat at the table without Jam” – Jam user

Let's go! 🚀

Step 1: Install the Jam extension

Get the browser extension (by clicking the giant button on

Remember to pin the extension to your browser so it’s faster for future you!

When prompted, enter your email to create your account.

Now you’re ready to catch your first bug with Jam.

Step 2: Capture your first bug with Jam

Click on the Jam icon in your browser.

Choose your screen recording method – screenshot, video, or instant replay (hint: you don't have to repro the bug with instant replay!).

Draft your bug report, and hit “Create”!

Step 3: Check out your first Jam!

Your newly created Jam will open automatically in a new tab. Go check it out!

In the Jam, you'll see:

  • Metadata: URL, timestamp, country, device, browser, OS information & network speed

  • Developer logs: console logs, fully inspectable network requests

  • Context: Cropped & full screenshot (if your Jam is for capturing a screenshot)

  • JamGPT: an AI assistant that gives engineers pointers on how to fix bugs

  • App integrations: send your Jam to your ticketing system (like Jira, Asana, etc)

  • Workspace picker: organize your Jams into team workspaces

  • Sharing & access settings

Your Jam is automatically saved (and you can always find it in the Jam dashboard at, and the link will never expire (unless you explicitly delete the Jam).

To share your Jam, simply copy the link and send it to your teammates. Or, you can share it with your teammates via email by clicking the "Invite" button.

Your teammates won't need to create an account to view it. (Unless you change the Jam's access settings to require login to view).

You'll get a notification when someone views your Jam for the first time!

Step 4: Invite your teammates

Help your teammates report bugs faster, with all the technical details engineers need auto-included. Anyone can create a team workspace in Jam and invite their team to join.

To create a team workspace in Jam, login to the dashboard at and click "Invite teammates" (or the button may say "Add Team").

Step 5: Connect your tools

You can connect the tools you already use to Jam so that it fits right with your existing workflow.

To see what apps Jam integrates with, head over to your account or team settings in Jam.

Then, you can select these apps when you create Jams to send Jams to your other tools:

And, you can send existing Jams to your tools after the fact, later:

Step 6: There is no step 6! All done.

Enjoy your new, faster bug-reporting process! 🚀

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