You can paste Figma links into Jam – and engineers will see the Figma frame side by side your initial bug report.

That means they don't have to open a new tab to see what's in Figma, and they don't have to search around your Figma file. It's right there for them!

How to embed Figma files in Jams

  1. Capture a visual bug on the screen using Jam

  2. In the Jam description, paste in a Figma link

  3. Click "Create" to create your Jam

  4. Open the Jam you just created. You'll see a Figma icon at the bottom of the Jam – click on it, and a perfect Figma embed will appear.

That way, engineers don't need to open another tab to see what the intended designs should be. It's right there – in the Jam – embedded perfectly from the Figma.

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