You can connect Slack and Jam in order to instantly send your bug reports to Slack right from Jam's browser extension.

Every Slack message you create with Jam automatically includes:

  • Screen capture (screenshot, video or instant session replay)

  • Console logs

  • Fully inspectable network requests

  • URL Timestamp and country

  • Device, OS, Browser

  • Viewport size

  • Network speed

That way, it's perfect for engineers to help them debug issues faster – right from Slack.

How to use Jam + Slack to report bugs in Slack

  1. First, you'll need to make sure you have Jam installed in your browser. Follow our Jam getting started guide here if you haven't downloaded and setup Jam yet:

pageGet Started
  1. Next, capture your bug with Jam.

  2. In the Jam extension, you will have the option to choose where Jam sends your screen capture to. Click on "Link you can share" and change it to Slack.

  3. Jam will guide you through authenticating with Slack.

  4. Once Jam is connected to Slack, you will be able to send Jams to your Slack right from Jam. Choose which channel (private, public or specific user) to send the Jam to. You can only access conversations that you are part of.

  5. Click "Send message" and once Jam creates your Slack message, the created Jam will automatically open in a new tab, and will be sent to the Slack channel requested!

All done! Open up Slack to see your newly created Jam. It will format perfectly for engineers – whether it's a screenshot:

Or video/instant replay:

^ Engineers can see the web application errors captured with Jam on the video and instant replay timelines right from Slack! Hooray!

How to send existing Jams to Slack

You can automatically create Slack messages from existing Jams – in just 2 clicks.

Note: You must be logged into Jam to use this feature. Logged out users will not see this option.

  1. Open up the Jam you want to share as a Slack message.

  2. Click "Send to App" and select Slack.

  3. If you have not used Jam + Slack before, it will first redirect you to log in with Slack.

  4. Choose which channel (private, public or specific user) to send the Jam to.

  5. Click "Send message" to create your Slack message.

How to paste Jams as Slack messages and get inline Jam previews

Once you've connected your Jam account to Slack, every time you share a Jam in Slack, it will show an expanded preview, designed to help engineers get relevant debug info and start fixing bugs without even having to open a link.

To connect your Jam account to Slack:

  1. Open the Jam dashboard

  2. Go to your account settings or to your team settings. Click on "Connected Apps"

  3. Connect Slack

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