You can use Jam to quickly capture a screenshot of a bug – along with all the technical details engineers need to troubleshoot and fix bugs.

Unlike other screenshot tools, Jam's screenshot tool is purpose-built for product, engineering, support, and QA teams to aid in capturing bugs while automatically including all the technical details engineers require to address and fix them.

Automated technical diagnostic collection

When you capture a screenshot with Jam, Jam captures the following technical diagnostics and auto-includes them to help your engineers debug faster:

  • Console logs

  • Fully inspectable network requests

  • URL

  • Timestamp and country

  • Device, OS, Browser

  • Viewport size

  • Network speed

  • Full page context of your cropped screenshot

And packages it all into one easy link to be shared with an engineer or pasted into a ticket.

Click to capture a full screenshot.

Click once on the page to take a full screen screenshot of the viewport.

Here's an example of taking a full screenshot by clicking once on the page:

Drag to crop a screenshot.

Drag an area of the screen to take a cropped screenshot of that area.

When you take a cropped screenshot with Jam, it also captures a full screen shot. This full screenshot will be side by side with the cropped screenshot in the Jam shared with engineers. This helps engineers see where the cropped image came from.

If you don't want the full screenshot included, you can deselect this option in the Jam draft window before you hit 'Create'.

Screenshot annotations

Once a screenshot is captured, you can annotate your screenshots, using various annotation tools such as drawing, shapes, arrows, and text.

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