Team Workspaces

Engineers benefit when everyone at the company reports bugs to them in a consistent, predictable and highly detailed format. That's why the majority of Jam users onboard their teammates to use Jam as well.

How to create a team workspace and invite your teammates

You can create a team workspace in multiple places across the product: in the dashboard, the extension modal, or in the Jam page.

Here’s how to create a team workspace from Jam dashboard:

  1. Go to the Jam dashboard:

  2. Click "Invite Teammates" or "Add a Team”

  3. Enter team name and pick your team’s emoji

  4. Invite your teammates by entering their emails. You can also invite your team with an invite link. We will generate it for you once you finish creating your team.

  5. Define who can view Jams your teammates create – whether anyone with the link can view (this is the most common) or whether login with company email is required.

  6. If you select the second option you can add allowed email domains (you can also do that later in the settings). We preselect your company domain for you.

  7. If you haven’t verified your email up to this point you will see the verify step where you can enter the verification code sent to your email

  8. After your team is created, copy the invite link and send it to your teammates to get your whole team on Jam. Note: Your invite link is also available in your team settings.

Other places you can create a team

If you have created a Jam team before, you'll have an option to create a new team from Jam extension modal. When selecting the workspace you can choose the "Create a team" option. You will then be navigated to the dashboard where you can create a new team.

On the Jam page you can create a new team by opening the "Move Jam" dropdown and clicking on Add a team.

A guide to team permissions: member vs admin

There are two types of team members: “Admins” and “Members”.

Both Admins and Members can invite new team members.

Here are the things Admins can do that Members cannot:

  • Setup access control settings

  • Define roles for new members

  • Remove existing team members

  • Set up an integration for the team

  • Create team invite links

Managing who can access Jams created by your team

Jams need to be flexible. Some Jams are internal and secret, but some need to be shared with people outside the company, like users or contractors.

You can define who has access to your Jams in the team settings page (only team admins can modify these settings) or on per-jam basis.

To modify the team default settings, go to your team settings page and click on Admin + Security.

There, you can pick between two options. If you choose first option, anyone with the Jam link will be able to view it. This is the most common, because it makes it easiest for engineers across the company to view Jams without needing to create a Jam account or login to view.

If you pick second option, you can define which email domains can access your team’s Jams. For example, if you work at ABC Company, you can set up your access control such that an email address is required to view Jams.

You can also control who gets access to each Jam on a case-by-case basis.

To do that, open a Jam. Then click on the Invite button to set the privacy of a Jam. You can choose between public (anyone with the link can view) and private (requires login to view).

You can also share a single Jam with individual users by typing their email.

When you give access by an email address, that person is emailed to notify them that a Jam has just been shared with them.

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