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While reviewing your bug I noticed an issue with a React element in your submitted code.

Try adding a unique key prop for the React element, like this:

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This bug might be because your queries are for all users

It’s recommended that you modify this portion to request user-specific data with the provided ID. Try:

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I see you’d like a larger header in the Contact section. It appears you’re using Tailwind, so this is an easy HTML change. The current live code is:

Simply add a few more classes to change the type style...

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Simply report a bug

Create a bug report with the Jam extension as you normally would. The details are then analyzed securely.

AI Figures it out

Jam analyzes all the details, finding correlations and solutions before you even start reading.

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next-gen debugging

      '](^         ^u^
     +/`            'z^
   `n:       -;      ^*.
  "v'       'a,       t!
 `z'     j`           :r
.*^     ,+"   ,|.     `&
:n            +m      `W
'*`                   ;j
 '+1?!l>+<I?"'        r;
    `*^. ..`;1{^    .?\
    ;x,;`     '&)]?]?"
        ."^. '`

AI-driven Bug Diagnosis

Get automated source code analysis for streamlined debugging, based on your existing bug reports.

Code Fix Suggestions

Get code updates based on your infrastructure. Paste in code snippets for analysis and suggestions.

Adaptive Accurate AI

Our queries paired with learning algorithms improve over time for better fix suggestions.

Secure Code Review

Codebase privacy and security ensured throughout the debugging process

Integrated Jam Reporting

Works with the normal Jam Chrome extension to boost your bug reporting workflow.


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