Instant Replay

Instant Replay allows you to capture a bug that just happened – with all the complete technical session details – and share it with an engineer in 2 clicks.

The goal of Instant Replay is to save you time and headache. Instead of having to stop what you’re doing, and go back and re-record bugs as you spot them, you can capture an Instant Replay in 2 clicks, share it with an engineer, and get back to what you were doing.

When you create an Instant Replay of a bug, Jam captures the following technical diagnostics and auto-includes them to help your engineers debug faster:

  • Up to 2 minutes session replay of the DOM

  • Console logs

  • Fully inspectable network requests

  • URL

  • Timestamp & country

  • Device, OS, Browser

  • Viewport size

  • Network speed

And packages it all into one easy link to be shared with an engineer or pasted into a ticket.

How far back can Instant Replay capture?

Instant Replay can capture up to 2 minutes of the session recording, but in cases where the tab is just opened, or the website has heavier data, Jam may capture less time in the Instant Replay. If there’s a part of the Instant Replay a user does not want to share, they are given the ability to crop which section of the video they want to share.

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