Screenshot hover states

Here’s how to quickly screenshot a hover state with Jam’s screenshot tool:

  1. Open up the Jam browser extension. Find the arrow next to the Capture screenshot option, and click on it. This will reveal additional screenshot options.

  2. Choose either a 3-second or 6-second delay. This delay allows you time to set up your hover state before Jam captures the screenshot.

  3. Drag an area of the screen to take a cropped screenshot or click to take a full page screenshot. Once you let go of the mouse, the delay timer will start counting down.

  4. During the countdown, hover over the element. Position your cursor over the desired UI element and maintain the hover state during the countdown.

  5. Once the delay countdown ends, Jam automatically captures the screenshot including the hover state.

  6. After the screenshot has been captured, you can use Jam's suite of annotation tools to add drawings, shapes, arrows, or text to the image.

  7. Click "Create" to generate a shareable link. Jam will automatically package the screenshot along with relevant diagnostic data into a well-structured bug report and copy the link to your clipboard.

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